Consultant life

One of the best, and hardest, questions candidates ask our recruiters is: ‘What will I actually be doing as a consultant at Thoughtworks?’

As a consultant at Thoughtworks, you are free to create bold, future-focused solutions for clients from a variety of industries. You could influence the digital strategy of a retail giant, launch a brand new mobile application for a bank or redesign platforms using event sourcing and intelligent data pipelines.

The best part? You will do all of the above on collaborative, inclusive and autonomous teams who are free to change tech.


We believe we grow best when we learn collectively in a safe and supportive environment. Sharing knowledge and feedback while teaching each other helps us become more impactful as teams and individuals.

Diverse teams

When people are free to be themselves regardless of their age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, background or identity, great things happen for individuals, teams, clients and Thoughtworks overall.


It’s not enough for us to simply build great technologies for our clients. We also aim to transform how they work and shift their mindsets to deliver long-lasting value to their business and help them achieve their goals.

High-quality code 

As one of the original pioneers of agile, our practices are always evolving. We’re constantly expanding and refining how we think about engineering excellence, ensuring fast, frequent and high-quality value delivery.

For me, what really empowers me about Thoughtworks is that here you really are the owner of your own career growth. Every day, Thoughtworks challenges and pushes me out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need to move forward in my career.
Marina Solé Llovera

Business Analyst, Thoughtworks Spain

Our teams

Depending on the scope of a client’s needs, teams may vary in size and composition. While teams can and will have a wide variety of technologists, you’ll typically find these four key Thoughtworkers: Developer, Business Analyst, Quality Analyst and Designer.


The team magicians who transform user stories into high-quality software. They combine creativity and empathy with analysis and usability to fulfill a client’s needs while advocating best practices.

Business Analysts

The facilitators of change and understanding. BAs define a business problem and put a plan into action. They bring trust, a knack for storytelling and a focus on value to team and client alike.

Quality Analysts

The shield that guards quality and value. They infuse a testing mindset into the team and always advocate for quality throughout the development process as well as building in automated testing.

Experience Designers

The user advocate and enabler; aesthetically-minded technologists who ensure amazing, accessible digital experiences. Experience designers combine research, stakeholder input and best practice to craft functional and beautiful experiences.

How we support and grow our people


Our cultivation culture encourages everyone to learn from each other, which inevitably helps everyone grow. Ruth Gorman and her team work to ensure that Thoughtworkers feel empowered to own their growth journeys while equipping them with the right tools to assist along the way.


Just because you start your journey at Thoughtworks with a specific skill set, doesn't mean you won't be able to grow in new directions over time. Yewe Ige talks about her work on the capability model: an evolutionary tool designed to help employees view and explore their career options and understand how they support our business goals.


Our culture of knowledge sharing provides the right foundation for Lilian De Munno, Global Head of L&D, to build out the right mix of autonomous learning and supportive programs and tools for everyone to develop themselves in their own way. The result? An organization where employees feel empowered to own their growth journey.

Ready to make your mark?

Our clients

Our clients think big. They trust us to deliver disruptive thinking and innovative technology that empowers them to succeed. From big banks and global retailers to revolutionary healthcare start-ups, we’ve built the software behind some of the world's most successful businesses.

Sometimes, Thoughtworks consultants will work in pure delivery mode while other projects may require co-delivery, working alongside the client. And while we always aim to build the best software solutions, we go beyond simply software, aspiring to enable our clients to adapt their ways of working and collaborating.

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