REA Group

Partnering to transform real estate services across the globe

REA Group is the largest property portal in the world, helping millions of people to buy, sell, or lease properties every year. Understanding that a solid technology strategy is a key component to a successful digital organization, REA partnered with Thoughtworks to bring technology into the core of their business. 

In 2011, Thoughtworks joined forces to complete a large re-platforming project for REA’s core systems, transforming the way that they deliver real estate services to the property market. The partnership evolved to increase REA’s agile delivery capabilities, scaling a collaborative culture and agile ways of working across the entire enterprise.

To achieve the scale required, Thoughtworks established an Offshore Delivery Centre for REA in Xi’an, China. This center of excellence provides the capacity to deliver innovative products from concept to market, at speed, offering culturally diverse thinking, as well as building additional capability into REA’s own teams. The offshore team members use online visual systems and collaborative tools to maintain a close connection with their onshore counterparts.

Looking forward, REA is working to understand the industry impact of emerging technologies, including Robotics, Augmented Reality and Data Science, to enable them to continue to lead in an increasingly disrupted and global market.

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