Close up pf a lens
Close up pf a lens

Bringing tech-led business changes into focus

Technology's pace of change can be dizzying; the impact on your business hard to fathom. Here's where Thoughtworks Looking Glass comes in.

We've been researching technology trends for the past five years; now with Looking Glass, we're starting to share some of our learnings. We identified 120 that are impacting your business today and in the future. Our Looking Glass lenses help you focus on what these trends mean for your enterprise and how you need to prepare.

Bringing the future of healthcare delivery into focus

There are hundreds of ways that technology is transforming the way healthcare is delivered and managed. We’re here to help you understand which could have the biggest impact on patient outcomes and your operations, and which are most deserving of your attention and your modernization budgets.

Podcast: Tech trends and advice from the Looking Glass Report

In this episode, Rebecca Parsons, CTO and Ken Mugrage, Principal Technologist, share the highlights with a business lens that will draw actionable advice to benefit your business strategy.

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